John Playford – The English Dancing Master

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Selected dance tunes and songs from the collection of John Playford – arranged for Hümmelchen, Dudey and many other instruments by Hermann Rieth


For the course theme of the Schwäbisch Haller Sackpfeifertage 2017 (24. bis 27.02.2017) the new collection of sheet music by Hermann Rieth was published:

John Playford – The English Dancing Master
selected and edited by Hermann Rieth

John Playford’s collection The English Dancing Master, published in London in 1651, contains a wealth of one-part dance tunes with dance descriptions.

The 39 melodies selected by Hermann Rieth are in the range of a ninth and are playable on Hümmelchen and Dudey and transposed accordingly.

This booklet contains only the monophonic melodies in the first chapter, like the original. Of course, it was edited, polyphonically set, arranged and orchestrated as needed and participating players. In the second chapter, arrangements are collected that were created in the interplay of dudey, gemshorn and recorder. However, they are also well suited for other instruments and are also intended to inspire the player to venture his own arrangements.

The Author:

Hermann Rieth had recorder lessons with his mother as a child. Later, recorder teaching and playing became an essential balance during his studies (mathematics and physics for higher teaching) and training period as a hand weaver. As a teacher of handicrafts, he continued this passion in making music with students. With getting to know the Hümmelchen and Dudeys a new intensification began: learning to play the bagpipes, attending courses and making a lot of music. Soon he and a friend began organizing the Schwäbisch Haller Sackpfeifertage. In the process, he developed an interest in early music, a preoccupation with old prints and manuscripts, and an extensive collection of pieces for Hümmelchen and Dudey was formed. The occupation with the repertoire of this booklet began already in school days with the program “Hello Folk”, which Walli Whyton hosted for the English soldier station. There, sounds of folk rock and Anglo-Saxon customs were heard alongside familiar ones. Some examples are included here at the end.

From the contents:

Chapter 1 – Melodies from the original

The Night Peece, The Beggar Boy, Bobbing Joe, The New Exchange, The Whish, Singo, Picking of sticks, The Old Mole, Grimstock, Greenwood, The Saraband, Mage on a Cree, Lady Spellor, If all the World were Paper, Nonsuch, Mill-field, Half Hanikin, Argeers, Dissembling Love, The London Gentlewoman, Mayden Lane, Jack a Lent, Chirping of the Nightingale, An old man is a bed full of Bones, Cuckolds all a row, Rufty, tufty, All in a Garden green, Gathering Peascods, The Punks Delight, Aye me, or the Simphony,

Hockley in the hole, Stanes Morris, Row well ye Marriners, Tom Tinker, Hide Park, The Slip, Jenny pluck Pares, Step Stately,

Sedanny, Once I loved a Maiden faire

Chapter 2 – Edits

Argeers – arrangement for dudey and recorder, Nonsuch – arrangement for dudey and gemshorn, Nonsuch – arrangement for two recorders, Once I loved a Maiden faire, Gathering Peascods – arrangement for dudey and gemshorn, The Punks Delight, Stanes Morris – arrangement for two dudeys, Aye me, Or the Simphony – arrangement for dudey and recorder

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