JUNIOR bagpipe beginner set for Great Highland Bagpipe

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Discover our Practice Chanters for kids, matching reed, textbook and accessories at a great discount!

The ultimate JUNIOR bagpipe beginner set for Scottish bagpipes: Practice Chanter, MacEge textbook (bestseller, German language) and accessories. Optional deluxe bag available. Additional care and moisture control accessories on request.


The “JUNIOR Bagpipe Beginner Set” is specially designed for young music enthusiasts who are interested in traditional music and bagpipes. This set is optimal for children under 10 years old who are not yet suitable for standard sizes. It contains everything young bagpipe beginners need to begin their musical journey.

Practice Chanter in C for children hands

The Practice Chanter in C is an ideal entry-level instrument to inspire young talent to play the bagpipes. These chanters are specially designed for children.

The instrument was designed to fit perfectly into the hands of young players of the 4. and 5th grade fits. Made of sturdy plastic, these chanters are durable and easy to maintain. With its tuning in C, it opens up versatile musical possibilities.

An inspiring gift for aspiring musicians to discover the world of traditional music and bagpipe playing.

Practice Chanter Reed

The plastic reeds are of high quality and compatible with many practice chanters. They are perfect for the practice pipes and provide a reliable sound quality.

MacEge’s Scottish Bagpipe Lesson Book (with Accompanying CD)

This new edition of Reinhold Ege’s best-selling German-language textbook offers everything young bagpipers need to learn to play the bagpipes. The book takes readers through the basics of playing the Great Highland Bagpipe and includes a variety of exercises and tunes. The accompanying CD is a valuable support for practicing. The textbook also offers insights into Scottish music history and includes a fold-out fingering chart and lots of useful information.

With the “JUNIOR Bagpipe Beginner Set” young musicians can start their journey into the exciting world of bagpipes. It’s ready to be played as soon as you hold it in your hands. An ideal gift for budding bagpipers!