Music of the minstrels – sampler part 1 CD

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From the Minnelied to the Bänkelsang

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For many years, our label has provided a podium for those groups dedicated to drone music in the broadest sense. Regardless of their high musical quality, in today’s media landscape it is often very difficult for them to be released by the major known labels.

As a documentation of our eight-year cooperation, we offer you the whole musical spectrum of our releases for the first time with these two inexpensive and jam-packed sampler CDs: Music from the Middle Ages to modern times in excellent quality!

The first CD contains instrumental pieces and songs from the field of early music: from authentic medieval music, melodies and dances of the Renaissance and Baroque, to hearty songs from the tavern and the impressive ballads of a Carl Michael Bellmann.

The contributing groups and titles of the sampler CD part 1:


  • Katharco Consort: Monk of Salzburg (CD: Spielmanns Sheet Music)
  • Oni Wytars: Ahi ! Amours (CD: Amar E Trobar)
  • NotaBene: Lautrier jost una sebissa (CD: Zeitsprung)
  • Anno Domini: La Tierche Estampie Roial (CD: Staufer era)
  • Kurtzweyl: Solvitur in libro Salomonis (CD: Kurzweil with Kurtzweyl)
  • The Ungelichen: Veris dulcis (CD: In our eygen way)
  • Freiburger Spielleyt: A que por muygran fremosura (MC: Jubilate Deo)
  • Freiburger Spielleyt: Muito devemos varoes (CD: Tales of Miracles)
  • Katharco Consort: Branle des Sabots, Branle de Malte, Branle Cassandra(CD: Renaissance dances after Thoinot Arbeau)
  • Katharco Consort: Premiere Suitte a deux musettes (CD: Spielmanns Sheet Music)
  • Oswald: Wolauff wir wellen slauffen (CD: Mein Begehr und Wille)
  • Spielleut: Danse detudiants (CD: Blas mir den Hobel aus)
  • Poeta Magica: In Taberna … mori (CD: In Taberna … mori)
  • Elster Silberflug: The shameful deed (CD: Muget Ihr Schauen)
  • Holger Hoffmann: An Epistle in Special for Anna Stina(CD: Let the blaspheming tongues stew)
  • Saltarello: Ecco la primavera (CD: Saltarello)
  • Katharco Consort: Epilogo (CD: La Divina Commedia)

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