Music theory for bagpipe players (basic course)

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Discover the magic of bagpipe music! “MUSIC THEORY FOR DUDELSACK PLAYERS (BASIC COURSE)” provides you with essential music theory, scale constructions, and more. The course is perfect for players of the Great Highland bagpipe, borderpipe, Scottish smallpipe, medieval market bag, hummelchen and shepherd’s pipe. No previous knowledge required! Become a master of your bagpipes now! đŸŽ¶đŸŽ”đŸŽ¶


Up for an epic music theory primer for all you bagpipers out there? Get the “MUSIC THEORY FOR DUDDLE SACK PLAYERS (BASIC COURSE)” and rock the notes of your bagpipes like a real pro!

Perfect for bagpipers of all kinds!

Here you will learn the essential music theory that you should know as a bagpipe player. Whether you play the Great Highland bagpipe, borderpipe, Scottish smallpipe, medieval market bag, hummelchen or shepherd’s pipe, this course is perfect for you. The best thing about it: You don’t need any previous knowledge!

For beginners and advanced

What awaits you? Take a look at the table of contents:

  • WELCOME! – Start your musical trip with a warm welcome!
  • Information about the course – Important info you should know!
  • A first quiz – Just for fun! – Fun quiz to get you started on your music theory journey!

Now we’re getting serious:

  • ESSENTIAL MUSIC THEORY – The basics you need to know!
  • Lessons 1 – 3 – Learn how the music ticks!
  • Working materials & quizzes – practice makes perfect!

But we’re not done yet:

  • TONLEITER-KONSTRUKTION – Discover the secrets of scales!
  • Lessons 4 – 7 – Dive deeper into the world of sounds!
  • Work materials & quizzes – practice, practice, practice!

And on it goes:

  • Lessons 8 – 11 – From Great Highland to Shepherd’s Pipe
  • Work materials & final quiz – Are you ready for the challenge?

But wait, it gets even cooler:

  • Learn more about pure and tempered tunings!
  • Intonation chart – your guide to the perfect tones!

So what are you waiting for? Reach out and become the ultimate bagpipe music theory master!