Nylon Cleaning Brushes for Great Highland Bagpipe by R.G. Hardie (Set of 4)

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The R.G. Hardie bagpipe brushes are an indispensable care product for Highland bagpipes. The set includes 4 nylon brushes to clean bores and blowpipe, which improves the sound quality and increases the life of the instrument.


Standard set of 4 nylon grooming brushes in matching diameters for cleaning the inside bores of Great Highland bagpipes.

The R.G. Hardie Bagpipe Brushes are an indispensable care product for all Highland Bagpipe players. They come as a set of four nylon brushes in various sizes specifically designed for cleaning the inner bores and blowpipe of Great Highland bagpipes. Regular cleaning of the bores and blowpipe not only increases the performance and life of the instrument, but also provides better sound quality and protects the wood from damage caused by moisture and dirt.

The nylon cleaning brushes are durable and can be used multiple times. They are easy to use and can quickly and effectively remove dirt and debris from boreholes. The set includes four brushes with different diameters to ensure thorough cleaning of the various drones and blowpipe. The brushes are also easy to clean and dry to ensure they are clean and free of bacteria at all times.

Using these nylon cleaning brushes from R.G. Hardie is simple and straightforward. All the player has to do is remove the drones and blowpipe from the instrument and carefully guide the brushes through the holes. Cleaning should be done thoroughly and carefully to ensure that all debris and contamination is removed.

Overall, R.G. Hardie nylon cleaning brushes are an essential accessory for any Great Highland bagpipe player who wants to extend the life of their instrument and maintain optimal sound quality. With their durable and easy-to-use design, they are a must-have for anyone who wants to keep their instrument in top shape.

Useful length: approx. 31 cm
Total length: approx. 33 cm

Diameter: approx. 8 – 13 – 20 – 41 mm

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