Obermeier’s (drone) polyphony – Volume 3

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Collection of sheet music with further 35 melodies of contemporary drone music by Jürgen Obermeier


The third volume of Polyphonie concludes this collection of sheet music of contemporary drone music with another 35 melodies.

Jürgen Obermeier has again selected interesting traditional and newly composed melodies for polyphonic bagpipe and hurdy-gurdy ensembles. Of course, these can also be played on many other instruments.

Features of all 3 volumes: Four-language introduction (German, English, French and Dutch) to the music and tips on instrumentation and scoring.

The keys and voices are chosen so that they can be played by hurdy-gurdies and bagpipes in G/C or D/G tuning, but also by other musical instruments with the necessary range. The bass clef system is intended for cello, but can be adopted by any other bass instrument.

The melody lines are underlaid with harmony names for the use of guitars or other harmony instruments.

References to the original pieces and notes on the type of performance, instrumentation and voice parts of the instruments complete the collection of sheet music.

Table of Contents Volume 3:

  • Bourrée 2/4 Bourrée d’ Alfred Pommier (trad.)
  • Bourrée 3/4 La sorcière (Jürgen Obermeier)
  • Fai anar ton violon, Petita (trad. Corrèze)
  • Bourrée de Saint Salvadour (Leon Peyrat, Corrèze)
  • Bourrée du papillon (trad. Hte. Savoie)
  • Bourrée à Soulié (trad. Aveyron)
  • Bourrée de Ste. Anne (Eric Elsener)
  • Bourrée pour Manuel (Félicie Verbruggen)
  • Gigue Free Bike (Jürgen Obermeier)
  • Les fleurs d’ Eva (Jürgen Obermeier)
  • Marche Marche de noces (Célestin Gouttefarde)
  • Marche de noces (Célestin Gouttefarde)
  • Le mariage du capitaine (trad.)
  • Mazurka Mazurka (trad. Morvan)
  • Mazurka (trad.)
  • Polka En route (Gilles Chabenat)
  • Le beau voyage (Gilles Chabenat)
  • Polka (trad.)
  • Polka (trad.)
  • Polka de Laguiole (trad. Auvergne)
  • Scottiche Mominette (J.-F. “Maxou” Heintzen)
  • L’ Herbe de la Saint Jean (trad.)
  • Scottiche à Coucou (Jürgen Obermeier)
  • Scottiche L’ Attraction (Jean Blanchard)
  • Sylvaine (Jürgen Obermeier)
  • Valse 3/4 Trois temps pour Gabi (Jürgen Obermeier)
  • Bi-Gaille (Frédéric Bordois)
  • Valse de Vertougit (trad. Limousin)
  • Le rêve perdu (Jürgen Obermeier)
  • Laderititou (Jean Ségurel)
  • Pour l’amour d’ une fille (trad.)
  • Rossignolet du bois (trad.)
  • Valse 5/4 La sauterelle (Jürgen Obermeier)
  • Lis ça (Jürgen Obermeier)
  • Melody Bourdonia (Jürgen Obermeier)
  • Discography

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