Practice whistle in C from WeePipes with Scottish fingering

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Practice chanter with shorter scale length – also suitable for children’s hands – with Scottish fingering in C tuning. Ready to play with reed and fingering chart.

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This Practice Chanter is made by the Wee-Pipes company with Scottish fingering in C tuning especially for learners with small hands. The shorter tone hole spacing makes this instrument suitable for children’s hands as well.

Made of Polypenco plastic and adapted to the needs of learners This Practice Chanter has tone hole spacing suitable for children’s hands, plays with an easy going plastic reed and is tuned in C (A=440 Hz).

The instrument comes complete with a set up reed including storage tube. We recommend replacement reeds from Walsh for this instrument.

We deliver a tested and ready to play instrument

– Practice whistle from polypenco

– Set up reed together with storage tube

– Fingering chart with more info

– In addition, you will receive a cleaning brush free of charge!

NEW Upgrade your existing Practice Chanter from Wee-Pipes to a fully playable bagpipe

(‘Wee’ is the Scottish word for ‘small’ – the color of the leather bellows pictured is just one example).


With the here Wee-Pipe extension set you can use this Practice Chanter as a bagpipe. More info

Option deluxe bag

Order your new instrument right away with a perfect bag with plenty of space for practice chanter, textbook and accessories!

– Made of strong and durable fabric material

– Practical carrying handle and sturdy zipper

– Bottom and top of the practice chanter are fixed inside with velcro tape

– Storage bag for reed box

– Zippered compartment for an A4 size textbook

– Additional zippered compartment for spare reeds, accessories

Dimensions 42 x 30 x 6 cm (width x height x depth)

Fig The bag is supplied without the accessories shown.

For this Practice Chanter you can also order the cheaper small PC bag made of very high quality material as a safe place to store your instrument.

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