R. G. Hardie Practice Chanter from Polypenco – Junior

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Reed and bag

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Practice Chanter Bag Deluxe

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Practice Chanter Bag Small for Regular Size

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A great recommendation for young music enthusiasts interested in traditional music and bagpipes: It is the “R. G. Hardie Basic Junior Plastic Practice Chanter with Twist-Trap top.”

Designed specifically for younger children, this practice flute is perfect for kids under 10 who are not yet ready for the standard or long size. It comes with a plain finish and recessed tone holes.

What makes this model special is the “twist trap” on top. This is especially important for young musicians, who often produce more saliva than adults. The twist-trap on top prevents moisture from accumulating on the reed and possibly affecting the sound. This means longer practice sessions, without constant interruption. However, you should dry it thoroughly after each exercise session.

The distance between the tone holes on this junior practice flute is specially designed for the smaller hands of young players. It fits perfectly for students of the 4. and 5th grade.

What makes this flute special is its durability and easy maintenance. It is made of sturdy plastic and comes with a practice flute tube.

With this R.G. Hardie Junior Plastic Practice Chanter, young musicians can begin their journey into the world of bagpipes. It’s ready to be played as soon as you hold it in your hands.