Seipon installation valve for Gaita Gallega from Seivane

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Built-in valve system for Gaitas and other bagpipes


The Seipon built-in valve is a development of the Galician bagpipe manufacturer Seivane and has been used successfully in its Gaitas for years.

We supply the valve with a long plastic sleeve which can be easily shortened if required. For installation, the inner bore of the blow pipe must be enlarged to a diameter of up to 10.5 mm in the installation area.

The valve flap is tied onto the plastic carrier with a thread. The delivery is made with mounted tongue and a spare flap.

The valve reacts very quickly when playing and closes reliably and without any noticeable delay.

An overall highly recommended bagpipe valve. When building a new blowpipe, you can drill the necessary inner hole and protect the wood against moisture with the long shaft of the Veltil.

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