Bagpipe beginner set for Great Highland Bagpipe

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Discover our best practice chanter, reeds, textbooks and accessories at a great discount!

The ultimate bagpipe beginner set for Scottish bagpipes: Practice Chanter, MacEge textbook (bestseller, German language) and accessories. Optional deluxe bag available. Additional care and moisture control accessories on request.


Want to learn to play Scottish bagpipes and looking for the perfect beginner bagpipe set? Then we have just the thing for you! Here you get the best starter set for the Great Highland Bagpipe ever! With our set you can create your individual set and benefit from high discounts. You can choose everything you need – from chanter to textbook to bag plus valuable accessories. We make sure that all components are compatible with each other.

Step-by-step instructions: How easy it is to learn how to play the bagpipes

Here’s how to do it in 5 easy steps:

  1. Select chanter
  2. Textbook for this
  3. Add reed
  4. Determine bag
  5. Add accessories

The ultimate bagpipe beginner set for aspiring players

Example of Practice Chanter with Textbook
Example of Practice Chanter with Textbook

The Bagpipe Beginner Set consists of a Practice Chanter and the best-selling and proven German language textbook by MacEge (with CD) at a super price! The available plastic reeds respond easily and require little air. The Practice Chanter has proven itself in bagpipe lessons in many schools in Scotland and is easy to maintain. The reed holder of the chanter is designed so that the position of the reed can be easily changed. This allows a new reed to be inserted very quickly to tune the chanter exactly.

The Practice Chanter: The ideal instrument for practicing and learning

Practice Chanter Example
Practice Chanter Example

The Practice Chanter (also Practice Flute for Bagpipe) is a musical instrument with a double reed and is mainly used as a supplement to the Great Highland Bagpipe. It is mainly used for practicing finger exercises and practicing new pieces of music. We offer the chanter made of blackwood (engl. grenadilla) or polypenco in different sizes to this bagpipe learning set. The instrument can be played both sitting and standing. The Practice Chanter is quieter and easier to play than the Great Highland Bagpipe and therefore ideal for practicing at home.

German language textbook for the Scottish bagpipes

MacEge's textbook for the Scottish bagpipe
MacEge’s textbook for the Scottish bagpipe

The best-selling German textbook for learning the Scottish bagpipes by Reinhold Ege in an expanded new edition is part of this bagpipe beginner set. It includes an introduction to the fingering and features of the bagpipe, the typical ornaments, and exercises for learning to play the Great Highland Bagpipe. The book contains 40 well-known standard Scottish tunes and two new versions of “Scotland the Brave”. An accompanying CD and an appendix with fingering chart, English terms and bibliography are included.

The Deluxe Bag: Safe storage and transport of your bagpipe set

  Practice Chanter Case Deluxe (example of contents)
Practice Chanter Case Deluxe (example of contents)

Optionally, you can order the Deluxe Bag to safely store and transport your Practice Chanter and textbook. The bag offers enough space for your instrument, accessories and an A4 textbook. The bag is made of sturdy and durable fabric and has a convenient carrying handle and a sturdy zipper. The lower and upper parts of the Practice Chanter are fastened inside with Velcro. There is a storage bag for the reeds and an additional zippered bag for spare reeds and accessories to your beginner bagpipe set.

Selected accessories for the perfect start

Accessories example
Accessories example

In addition, we offer accessories for maintenance and humidity control, which significantly extend the life of the instrument and improve the quality of play.