The Mandolin Book (with accompanying CD)

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Textbook for mandolin with accompanying CD by Rainer Zellner


The author Rainer Zellner came to the mandolin during the folk revival of the 70s and has not been able to get away from it since.

His critically acclaimed book is the first non-classical work for mandolin in German to use notation and tablature notation, and is considered the standard work for learning to play the mandolin.

In the teaching chapter, the individual sections build on each other, but a lateral entry is always possible depending on prior knowledge.

A total of 55 tunes from various musical genres were recorded, ranging from bluegrass, old-time, Irish and Scottish folk, to swing, classical, Latin and European folk music.

The mandolin book includes an accompanying CD with recordings of mandolin and guitar for hands-on learning of melody and accompaniment. All tracks are recorded in stereo separation (one channel mandolin – one channel guitar).

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Format: DIN A4
Number of pages: 136 pages with accompanying CD
Cover: Softcover

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