Tone Enhancers (Shepherd)

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The new model with even better regulation and drying of the airflow to the drone reeds of the Great Highland Bagpipes (3 pieces)


Tone Enhancers by R.T. Shepherd

These tried and tested accessories stabilize and control the air supply from the pipe bag into the drone stocks.

At the beginning of 2009, Bob Shepherd again significantly improved the Tone Enhancers: thanks to new membrane filters made of polytetrafluoroethylene integrated into the system, they reliably prevent water, dust or salts from penetrating.

This significantly improves the function of the drone reeds and the start and stop behavior of the pipes!

Pipers get a better tuning of chanter and drones, more tonal stability, a slightly lighter playing pressure and more even sound of the drones.

We supply a set of 3 tone enhancers for the bass and the two tenor drones. We recommend using a bag with ZIP!

Maintenance: To prevent clogging of the filter discs – and thus significant loss of sound and function of the pipe – we recommend replacing the active components of the Tone Enhancer after a few years. You can get everything you need in the new ‘Tone Enhancer Maintenance Set’.

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