Airstream Blowpipe with Artificial Ivory Mount (Length 8 to 12 Inches)


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Plastic blow tube with integrated valve and artificial ivory mount


Airstream Blowpipe for Great Highland Bagpipes

with mount made of artificial ivory. This makes the popular blow-on pipes fit better with the look of pipes that have mounts.

These excellent blowpipes for the Scottish Great Highland Bagpipes come from Canada. They are made of sturdy plastic and are available in 5 different lengths.

Due to the very large inner bore and the smooth-running built-in valve, you can blow in the air much easier. The flattened mouthpiece with large dimensioned air passage is equipped with a Mouth-Protector (rubber coating on the mouthpiece to protect the teeth).

How to find the right inch length: Measure the length of your previous blowpipe (end of stick to end of mouthpiece – so WITHOUT spigot!) and divide the measured centimeters by 2.5. (Example: 25 cm length / 2.5 = 10 inches)

Additional information

Weight 0,3 kg

Length 10 inch / approx. 25 cm, Length 11 inch / approx. 28 cm, Length 12 inch / approx. 31 cm, Length 8 inch / approx. 20 cm, Length 9 inch / approx. 23 cm