41 Duets for Hümmelchen + Dudey

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Duets – arranged for Hümmelchen, Dudey and many other instruments. Compiled by Hermann Rieth


This collection is an excellent way to expand the repertoire for the bagpipes Hümmelchen and Dudey in c/f tuning.

It was created while making music, at home with friends, in lessons and at small auditions. Accordingly, alongside easy short pieces are those that require practice. From the high Middle Ages we are led to our time.

It has a special charm to play duets with two bagpipes, in some music also in two different registers (e.g. soprano and alto). Completely different tonal possibilities open up when the bagpipe with its legato playing is joined by a directly blown instrument that allows a wide variance of articulations and can pause. Cornamuse and krummhorn are close in sound to the bagpipes, while Gemshorn and

recorder differ greatly in sound as well as articulation. On this aspect there are numerous evidences in the iconography. And there is this combination in traditional music until our days: for example Charamella and Zam pogna in Sicily or Bombarde and Binu in Brittany.

In addition, the different registers can be used in a targeted manner: Flutes sound one octave higher. In the early and also in the traditional music there are no indications of instrumentation. So we are free to choose what we like. Likewise, no drones are notated. However, we can safely assume that drone instruments were involved. The first drone to be considered is the root of a piece, single or double in the octave. Root and fifth can also sound good, or the fifth alone. with Hümmelchen and Dudey there are many possibilities.


– Ah Belinde

– Allez à la Fougere

– Procession of minstrels

– Basse Danse

– Bavno Makedonsko

– Branle à sept

– Branlon

– Brensbach anthem

– The old market and plague dance

– The Stamph

– Bagpipe

– Bagpipe melody

– Et resurrexit

– Farewell

– Fotune my Foe

– Congratulations Celebremus

– Guige

– Neckway Carol

– Autumn leaves

– Hemiola vel Tripla

– Shepherd song

– L’Andouille

– La Giostra

– La valse à Cadet

– Laetatus sum

– Lament for Charles MacCabe

– Langdans

– Le Maitre de la Maison

– Milo mu kokkino

– Nota

– Octavi Toni

– Piva, piva

– Pravno Lesnoto Oro

– Quinti Toni

– September

– Sexti Toni

– The Shepherd and his Fife

– Dance of Death

– Vännens Langdans

– Lullaby

– Woaf

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