Gaita Gallega practice recorder from Seivane

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Practice recorder for Gaita Gallega from Seivane workshop

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From the workshop of the Galician manufacturer Seivane comes this practice recorder, with which you can practice the fingering of the Gaita Gallega.

The Gaita is quite a powerful sounding bagpipe, whose sound is not always suitable for family or neighborhood.

The recorder, made of maple, is tuned in D and largely corresponds to the Gaita Gallega in terms of fingering. This makes it possible to practice new melodies or playing techniques even in the evening hours without getting on the nerves of others.

The Gaita practice flute does not exist in any other key. Since it is not meant for making music, but for practicing, the key is also irrelevant. The important thing is to be able to practice the fingerings, changes, ornaments and melodies – the key is not decisive here!

We deliver this instrument with the matching bag únd a flute wiper

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