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The new textbook for hurdy-gurdy in C-G by Christian Hadersdorfer


Basics – playing technique – backgrounds

Download detailed hurdy-gurdy textbook with audio examples

Finally, another well-made textbook suitable for self-study is available – the author teaches the basic knowledge necessary for playing such a complex musical instrument in a systematic and easy-to-follow manner.

This textbook is designed equally for beginners and as a standard work for advanced hurdy-gurdy players. In just under 170 pages,  is guided through all the relevant striking and decorating techniques. 

A special feature of the school is the division into exercises for right and left hand, which can be trained separately. With more than 100 practice pieces from the field of traditional French, German, English and Scandinavian music, as well as some excursions into medieval songs,  provides a comprehensive insight into the musical possibilities and the use of the hurdy-gurdy.

Christian Hadersdorfer, social pedagogue and instrumental teacher from Deggendorf has been teaching on the hurdy-gurdy and the shepherd’s pipe for many years. He discovered the drone music for himself in 1996 and had already been accepted in the very renowned hurdy-gurdy ensemble “Surradial” in the early years.  (with Knud Seckel, Silke Reichmann, Elke Rogge, Alexander Loch, Fredi Pitzschel and others)

In his training on the hurdy-gurdy, he began at that time in the ranks of the  Hummel courses in the “Frankfurt scene”. Numerous further workshops with Silke Reichmann, Patrick Bouffard, “Maxou” Heintzen, Cliff Stapleton, among others, have shaped his technique to this day. Skewed rhythms and pieces with rotating beat positions are his signature.
He is a member of the world music formation Fiunferley, plays historical dance music and is a member of the medieval metal formation INGRIMM.

Audio samples included with purchase as download (owners of the book register on the website of the
textbook and then get access to the audio samples) 

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