Music of the minstrels – sampler part 2 CD

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from folk music to folk music

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The second CD in the series is devoted to groups playing contemporary folk, drone and dance music.

The musical range includes several titles from our dance music productions with mostly traditional melodies, through songs and ballads to newly composed pieces of music, which impressively demonstrate the further development.

This CD is a rousing foray through the (drone) landscape!

Here are the contributing groups and titles of the sampler CD part 2:

  • Oni Wytars: ORO`KaSM (CD ORO)
  • Poeta Magica: Diane Vitrea (CD Minne, Mystik, Meistersang)
  • Spielleut: La Marche du Roi (CD Blas mir den Hobel aus)
  • Lismore: The Ballad of the Pleasant Life (CD Cunning, Vice, Passion)
  • Holger Hoffmann: The Landsknecht and the Landlady/Gigue (CD Lästerliches und Liederliches)
  • La Chanterelle: Mazurka (CD The Dancing Bear 2)
  • DIE HAYNER: Miehler Konter (CD Wann däi Staa vezehle kinnte)
  • KAIKAI: Speed limit (CD The dancing bear 1 couple dances)
  • DIE HAYNER: Polish / The Tinker (CD Cimbria)
  • La Marmotte: Galoppa (CD The Dancing Bear 2)
  • Crucible: De Landstroot (CD Canaal)
  • Moyland: The Skye Crofters (CD L’Esprit Celtique)
  • Moyland: Trois Matelots (CD La danse des Fees)
  • La Marmotte: Ridée 6 temps (CD Nous les ferons danser)
  • Hölderlin Express: Elfviertelwalzer / By the way (CD Der Tanzbär 2)
  • Trio Grande: Coco (CD Nabucodonosor)
  • Drone: Isetta 5 GTI (CD Bal d’Ohr)
  • Trio Grande: Laisser Tomber (CD Bagage)

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