Introduction to medieval music

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The widely read guide for those interested in early music


This book is an excellent guide for those interested in early music. For the present third edition, the team of authors Marco Ambrosini (Ensemble ONI WYTARS, among others) and Michael Posch (Head of the Early Music Department at the Conservatory of the City of Vienna) decided to completely revise the work and expand it to a great extent.

The aim of the present work by the two authors, who are well acquainted with the subject, is to give the musician who wants to approach medieval music an overview of the subject and to offer an extensive collection of well-playable musical examples of various types and origins.

The book conveys basic knowledge of medieval music together with its historical environment in an understandable, easily readable and yet condensed form. It can also serve as a reference work for questions about the music of this era.

The adjacent excerpt from the content provides an overview of the main topics. A repertoire list with (music) historical background information, the sheet music appendix, instrument descriptions with illustrations and indication of sources of supply, bibliography and index complete the extensive work.


  • Monophonic music
  • Gregorian Chant
  • Keys
  • Church keys
  • Composers
  • Performers and styles
  • Polyphonic music
  • The beginnings of the occidental polyphony
  • The early organum
  • The classic organum
  • The school Notre Dame
  • Ars Antiqua – The Mensural Notation
  • Ars Nova – Trecento – french. and ital. Notation
  • Ars Subtilior
  • The Arab influence
  • Historical performance practice
  • Repertoire list
  • Hildegard of Bingen
  • Carmina Burana
  • Orient and Occident
  • Marian songs
  • The development of instrumental music
  • Guillaume Dufay
  • Metamorphoses


This book, first published in 1992, has become a popular manual for all those interested in Early Music. For the present, third edition, a new team of authors, Marco Ambrosini (Ensemble ONI WYTARS and others) and Michael Posch (head of the Early Music department at the Konservatorium Wien), has decided to revise the work completely and to extend it considerably.

The aim of both authors, well versed in their subject, is to give the musician interested in approaching mediaeval music an overview of the subject and to provide a comprehensive collection of playable sheet music of different types and from various sources.

The book offers basic knowledge on mediaeval music in a comprehensible, concise fashion, including historical context. It may even serve as an encyclopedia on the music of this period.

The following extract from the contents provides an overview of the main subjects. A repertoire list with historical background information, a sheet music annex, illustrated descriptions of instruments, notes on resources, a bibliography and an index complete this comprehensive work.

From the contents:

monophonic music, Gregorian chant, keys and modes, composers, performers and styles, polyphonic music, the beginnings of Western polyphony, early organum, classical organum, the school of Notre Dame, Ars Antiqua, mensural notation, Ars Nova, Trecento, French and Italian notation, Ars Subtilior, Arabic influences, historical performance practice, repertoire, Hildegard of Bingen, Carmina Burana, Orient and Occident, Marianic chants, development of instrumental music, Guillaume Dufay, metamorphoses

The book is written in German language.


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