Pelgen Tunes – Vol. 1

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80 new tunes for bagpipe, hurdy-gurdy, fiddle, flute etc. with chords by Christoph Pelgen


80 new tunes for bagpipe, hurdy-gurdy, fiddle, flute etc. with chords by Christoph Pelgen

Anyone who has heard him once at a BalFolk or a concert knows: Christoph Pelgen sets the tone for great, rousing (dance) music, virtuoso playing and crisp arrangements like no other in recent years.

Many of his self-composed melodies have become real popular tunes, and as a popular course instructor he always inspires and motivates his participants with fresh and interesting sheet music.

Now the first collection exclusively containing compositions by Christoph Pelgen is released! In the first volume there are 80 melodies, often polyphonic, containing all that can be played on (drone) instruments. With musical ideas across Europe to the Balkans and the Bosporus.

A collection of sheet music for all who enjoy good drone music and the further development of traditional music!

Texts in German and English


Christoph Pelgen is well known for his great bagpipe playing, compelling (dance) music, virtuoso playing and great arrangements. With his bands ‘La Marmotte’ and ‘Cassard’ he is regularily playing Concerts and BalFolks all over Germany and in neighboring countries.

Many of his self-composed melodies have already become very popular and he is a well sought after as teacher for bagpipe and ensemble workshops. With his fresh and interesting musical material he always inspires and motivates his participants.

Now his first collection, containing only compositions by Christoph Pelgen is publish! The first volume contains 80 great tunes for (drone) instruments. Christoph’s musical ideas are inspired by the whole range of european traditional music up to the Balkans and as far as the Bosporus.

A great collection of music for all who enjoy good drone music and the evolution of traditional music!

Title list by dance type


  • À l’assassin
  • Agatharied Scottish
  • Au debut
  • Cardenal Mendoza
  • Crooked Alley’s Farewell
  • The Lowwerhannes
  • Glendalough
  • Junebug
  • Katy’s Swing
  • Keep fit!
  • Le trouble-fête
  • Market forest Scottish
  • Mulhouse Calypso
  • Snow White
  • Scottish latino
  • Sudden life
  • Taras Bulba
  • The Lady to be sawn in half
  • Triple C Scottish
  • Zephyros


  • Gükili polka
  • I passaporti!
  • Les papillotes
  • Lord Greystoke’s vengeance
  • Patatras!


  • Birch Green
  • Ilka waltz
  • John Clayton’s Waltz
  • Lessingplatz 12
  • Miss Sara Sampson
  • Pentecost Waltz
  • Snademill
  • Valse from de Palz
  • Valse d’hiver
  • Wings of an angel
  • Zerbino


  • Agatharied mazurka
  • Charlotte
  • Fin de siècle
  • Lietzensee Mazurka
  • Parricide
  • Silvana

5/4 Waltz / Zwiefache

  • Demain n’existe pas
  • Go e Männel…
  • IE 1802
  • Joli-Coeur
  • La Signora Dolce
  • My eyes have become tired
  • Mère Barberin
  • Museler mes chiens!
  • Quincunx


  • Bourrée à Christian et Corinna
  • Brensbach Bourrée
  • Capitano
  • Le télébar de Nasbinals
  • Morte season
  • Rémi
  • Zut 28!


  • Belted Galloways
  • Los Mineiros de Chile
  • Matavenero


  • La bataille de Syracuse
  • Ne gomzan ket brezhoneg mat
  • Tyto Alba


  • Bridal March
  • Comburg March
  • Crux sacra sit mihi lux
  • Gee whiz!
  • Le gâchis
  • Le sonneur de cloches
  • Les pâtissiers
  • Magdalena
  • Manigance
  • Melancholy
  • Non draco sit mihi dux!
  • Punctum saliens
  • Quinta das lágrimas
  • Signor Vitalis
  • Souvenir d’enfance
  • Yedi

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