Schnurrpfeiffereyen Volume 3

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73 songs and dances from the 16th-20th century. – selected and designed by Martina Sirtl


Schnurrpfeiffereyen Volume 3

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In the third volume of the collection, historical and more recent songs and dances that really deserve to be published are presented in the same loving design and layout.

From the contents:
– chap. 1: 14 melodies from Dutch songbooks of the 16th century (e.g. “Souterliedekens” by Clemens non papa, printed by Tylman Susato).

– Chap. 2: 22 pieces by the Irish harpist Turlough O’Carolan (1670-1738). Especially less known melodies were taken into account.

– Chap. 3: 20 morris dances from Middle England.

– Chap. 4: 11 songs, some for several voices, by Renaissance song composers. (A.v. Aich, A. Hammerschmidt, M. l. Maistre, S. Mahn, L. Senfl, E. Widmann)

– Chap. 5: The Augsburg Table Confect: 6 songs of the Benedictine monk Valentin Rathgeber (1682-1750) who escaped from the monastery.

The numerous illustrations in all three volumes were lovingly drawn by Martina Sirtl from photographs of musicians and instrument makers or from models of historical engravings and woodcuts.

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ISBN: 978-3-927240-12-4
Format: DIN C5
Number of pages: 80 pages
Cover: Softcover, thread-stitching

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