Renaissance dances of orchésography after Thoinot Arbeau (with accompanying CD)

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Textbook for Renaissance Dances, edited by Hinrich Langeloh (book & accompanying CD)


The dances of the Renaissance are mostly known to us only as instrumentally played music, which in recent years has gained more and more friends.

In 1589, the Orchésographie (The Doctrine of Dance Description) was published in Langres. In it, Thoinot Arbeau describes 35 French Renaissance dances that were originally folk dances that he had arranged for courtly use. Many of these dances are still danced in France today.

Hinrich Langeloh provides a first introduction to these fascinating Renaissance social dances in language understandable to the interested layperson. In his comprehensive textbook for dance practice, ten couple dances and twenty Branlen are explained in detail and easy to follow.

Detailed accompanying information, numerous illustrations, an extensive sheet music appendix with all the melodies used on the CD recording, and a bibliography make this book a real treasure trove even for connoisseurs of historical dances.

Accompanying CD: The book is accompanied by the CD ‘Renaissance Dances of Orchésography after Thoinot Arbeau’ by the Katharco Early Music Consort.

The dances:

  • Basse Danse

  • Galliard

  • Courante

  • Tourdion

  • Allemande

  • Danse de la Haye

  • 2 pavans

  • Branle du Chandelier

  • Gavotte

  • Branle Double

  • Branle de Bourgogne

  • 5 Branles coupés

  • Branle Simple

  • Branle de Poitou

  • 6 Branles Morgués

  • Branle Gay

  • Branle d’Ecosse

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