“trad” Pipe Chanter Classic MK3 by Shepherd (single)

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Absolutely professional pipe chanter (Classic MK3) from the workshop of R.T. Shepherd & Son, Scotland.

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Pipe chanter for Great Highland Bagpipe (Classic MK3)

The chanter is the heart of every pipe! The Shepherd company continues to set the global standard, especially in the field of chanter. Continuous improvements in the selection of materials used and in manufacturing methods today enable a manufacturing quality that was unthinkable years ago.

The chanters we offer will allow you to consistently achieve precise intonation on your instrument. The effort for tuning your pipe band is considerably reduced especially when using the same chanter.

With these chanters, you are assured of compliance with current international pipe standards.

You too can benefit from the excellent quality of the Shepherd Pipe Chanter!

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