The dancing bear – Volume 3

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21 folk dances to join in (book & CD) by Tilman Teuscher & Wolfram Dietz


Finally this popular dance textbook is available again!

Get into the dancing fun!

The selection of the third volume invites you to all the colorful things that dancing brings with it: pulse and rhythm, spinning, creating with each other, enjoying music, being there with all your senses. It offers step sequences and flows, talks about the character of the dances, and aims to hint at where it can go beyond that. It is not only the “technical” that should come across, but rather the fun, the intensity, finally even these subtleties of feeling, which are perhaps only perceptible after the third waltz towards midnight.

The basics of the dances are taught in a clear, visually and didactically contemporary form. Wherever possible, graphics are used to describe the spatial dimensions of the dances in a clearly understandable way. It is told about the style and character of the movements. And very importantly, the music is included as an essential component to understanding the dances.

Collected for this volume were dances from France, Germany, England and Sweden, among others. Branles (chain dances) are a focal point. But there are equally simple mixers, Central European couple dances and a few specialties for the more experienced.

The accompanying CD that accompanies the book is a joint production of the groups Hay-Non, Die Hayner, Wechselbalg and Au Gre des Vents. The melodies used are traditional or composed for the respective dances.

The dances:

  • Mixer: Valse coupée, Maraîchine, Matchpolka


  • Couple Dances: Couple Dances: Baillez-Li, Dans Molène, Italian Polka, Mexican Waltz, Les Quatre Pas de Luxey, Rondeau des Petites Landes, Schlittschuhläufer, Bachmühlerl and Der rote Kragen (Zwiefache), Swedish Schottisch variant, Stigvals


  • Circle and Chain Dances: Veila Rosa Bliamala, Bransle au gré des Musiciens, Branle d’Ecosse, L’homme qui marche, Gavotte, Sellingers Round


  • For several dancers: Courante de Lomagne, Bourrée de La Châtre

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ISBN: 978-3-927240-58-2

Format: DIN 21.0 x 27.7 cm
Number of pages: 76 pages with audio CD

Cover: Wire-O spiral binding

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