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transmedieval beatz

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The journey continues! Triskilian releases the album “NEO” with a completely new sound!

After a year of creative work with drummer and sound programmer Jost Pogrzeba, a completely new Triskilian program can now be heard: °neo – transmedieval Beatz

Traditional songs and instrumentals as well as fabulous original compositions resound in a completely new, pulsating sound that breaks the boundaries between folk and electro. Full of power and intensity, TRISKILIAN takes the listener on a musical journey to distant lands and times.

With an expressive voice, the charismatic singer Jule Bauer enchants the audience and transports them to magical worlds. In perfect harmony, her bell-clear voice interweaves with Christine Hübner’s to form a spherical mesh, rhythmically complemented by her sensitive percussion.

The acoustic sounds of multi-instrumentalist Kilian meet the fat beats and electronic soundscapes of electric drummer Jost Pogrzeba with virtuosic ease, painting sonic pictures of incredible richness. Mystical ballads and driving dances captivate the audience and inspire them with earthy, rousing, globalgrooving world music.

The word NEO comes from the ancient Greek néos and means something like: new, fresh, present, young. For Triskilian it means breaking new ground and mixing our traditional acoustic instruments and voices with electronic sound fields of sequencers and e-drums.

Thus, traditional pieces and original compositions are reinterpreted and revived, true to our motto: “Tradition is the passing on of fire, not the worship of ashes” (Gustav Mahler 1860-1911).

We feel wholeheartedly attached to this saying, which in a modified form has been read again and again by many wise people over the last 600 years. After a year of intensive creative work, the result is now available: Danceable grooves, moving vocals, pulsating beats, that’s NEO!


  • Diversity
  • Beyoglu
  • Avrix mi galanica
  • Pozar
  • Tseniv se u popa
  • Buvcansko
  • Forest Spirit
  • Karaj majco
  • Kumanovsko
  • Sister
  • Macedonian devojce
  • / La Rosa

The musicians:

  • Jule: vocals, nyckelharpa, octavharpa, tzouras, pommer, flutes, seljeflöt, frame drum, bouzoukiVocal training with a focus on “early music” with Diane Severson and Franziska Schaefer-Vondru (Frankfurt), among others. Master classes with Cornelius Reid, Carol Baggott-Forte and Montserrat Figueras. Studied the nyckelharpa at the Scuola di Musica Popolare di Forlimpopoli (Italy). First graduate of the “European Nyckelharpa Training”. Studied musicology and music education at the J. W. Goethe University (Frankfurt). Since 1995 international concerts and recordings with various ensembles of early music, folk and world music (Triskilian, Asfur, Helut, Sava, CADENCE, Oni Wytars). Since 2003 teaching singing at various courses for early music and world music.

    Since 2009 lecturer for Nyckelharpa at the Academy Burg Fürsteneck and the Scuola di Musica Popolare di Forlimpopoli (Italy). Since 2012 lecturer of nyckelharpa at the Conservatoire intercommunal de musique des deux vallées Milly-la-Foret (France).

  • Christine: vocals, bouzouki, darbuka, davul, riqq, cymbals, frame drumsStudies in music therapy at the SRH University in Heidelberg. Graduate music therapist. Singing lessons with Andreas Scheinhütte and Petra Salzburger-Brehmer. Frame drum lessons with Joss Turnbull. With Cadavre Exquis: 1997 2nd place Rio Reiser song award; 1998 1st place “Made in Schaumburg”. Since 1996 performances and recordings in the field of rock/pop, early music, folk and world music, both as a solo artist and in various projects (Cadavre Exquis, KlangTraum, Kaluah Breakfast Club, Solara, Saltarello, Triskilian)
  • Kilian: vocals, hurdy-gurdy, nyckelharpa, shawm, bagpipes, tin whistle, jew’s harp, electric sitar, ney, chalumeauPantomime training at the First Berlin School for Mime and Pantomime, acrobatics and trapeze lessons at the Circus School in Warsaw, dance with Fé Reichelt. Training in circus and theater pedagogy with Bruno Zühlke and Samuel Jornot. European Nyckelharpa advanced training at the Academy Burg Fürsteneck. Lessons in hurdy-gurdy with Matthias Loibner and Riccardo Delfino, harp with Riccardo Delfino and Uschi Laar, oud with Adil Dermitas, ney with Kuday Sahinalp, as well as extensive self-taught training. Since 1991 activity as musician, composer, artist and director (Triskilian, Helut, Roving Gamblers, Duivelspack, Annwn, terra amicus).
  • Jost: E-Drums, Marimba, Loops, Beats, ProgrammingJost Pogrzeba has been working as a professional musician worldwide since 1986. He studied classical percussion with Prof. Treßelt at the MHS Stuttgart and subsequently completed his Dipl. Studied jazz and popular music with Swiss drummer and percussionist Pierre Favre.

    Since that time he has participated in numerous bands, musicals and theater productions. Among others, at the successful musical “Mamma Mia” in Stuttgart and at the well-known medieval music group GEYERS. He is also a composer and producer in his own recording studio.

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