Lismore – Cunning, Vice, Passion CD

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The second CD of the five musicians of the group LISMORE from Baden, Germany, founded in 1986.

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While the musical range of their first production was almost oversized, here they modestly limit themselves to three of their own settings of Villon songs in German and to seven dances performed in concert, which were penned by Stefan Hoffmann. This limitation probably let the group find its musical style and means a huge step forward in its development.

Folk music on a high level!

The titles of the CD:

  • The one with Peter & The wolf dances (Stefan Hoffmann) (5:35)
  • The Ballad of the Pleasant Life (T: f. Villon, M: Stefan Hoffmann) (5:12)
  • The egg of Columbus (Stefan Hoffmann) (4:50)
  • Flying ducks over Kathmandu (Stefan Hoffmann) (4:08)
  • Have a break (trad.) (0:10)
  • The Gallows Ballad (T: f. Villon, M: Stefan Hoffmann) (9:38)
  • Tandaradei sock (Stefan Hoffmann) (4:56)
  • The Ballad of Self-Help (T: f. Villon, M: Stefan Hoffmann) (5:39)
  • The courtship (Stefan Hoffmann) (4:10)
  • Claire (Stefan Hoffmann) (5:04)


  • Kerstin Puchelt: concertina, flutes, accordion, vocals
  • Bernd Funke: guitars, bouzouki, mandolin
  • Dirk Niemeier: bass, violin, bodhran, alto flute, vocals
  • Sven Puchelt: dulcimer, guitar, bodhran, vocals
  • Stefan Hoffmann: bassoon, bagpipes, bombarde, shawm, flutes, bodhran, vocals

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